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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chianti Cafe and Restaurant (Whyte Ave) : Review

Chianti on Whyte
Its been a while, I am behind on my review posts. There was a hot water main broke at work last week, right above my desk space. So I've been busy with the clean up and what not. 

Today review is Chianti Cafe and Restaurant on Whyte Ave.  I have been here a couple of times before and all of my previous visit were quite good, but nothing spectacular. The food were good but not THAT good, to be honest. However the portion were quite big and it is not expensive with most pastas cost around 11-13 dollars. To be honest, the service was slow, but tolerable. We were there on Tuesday night at 5:30pm and the place was packed! What I didn't expect.  
Chianti has quite an extensive list of pasta menu that will boggling your mind, and you will most likely have a hard time choosing what you want (I took sooooo long). I ordered the last item on the seafood section which is Gamberi Con Salsiccia ~ Prawns, spicy Italian Sausage, Feta cheese, Black Olives, Red Pepper, and spinach with Rose Sauce Over Fettuccini, $18 (Ok its $17.99) o(;゚o゚)ツ The food doesn't take long at all (maybe 5 minutes), which make me wonder if they start cooking fresh pasta or not. In the menu, I believe, its said that all their pastas are made in house. What this mean is that they might have soft pasta on hand which will take less time to cook. 
Gamberi Con Salsiccia - 1

Gamberi con Salsiccia - 2

Gamberi Con Salsiccia - It is a good dish but there is something missing. I think that the rose sauce is just ok. The prawn and italian sausage is very tasty. What I am most dissapoint about is that, the fettuccini was cold. It seem like the pasta were precook and was just splash over with hot pasta sauce and just hope that the pasta will be hot too. It is not the case, and you might be able to tell from the picture, the fettucini that is not cover looks abit dry, which is precisely what its felt like. Overall I did actually enjoy the dish, but would I order it again? Probably not. 

Coffee and Dessert menu
I then got a dessert! This is the first time that I have dessert here (I think). I got Chocolate Mousse (Rich and Velvety - Made with Callebaut Chocolate). Please click on the menu picture to enlarge, you can see all item on this menu. 
Chocolate Mousse
After my first bite of this chocolate mousse, I think that they should change the description on the menu to "VERY VERY RICH...". This chocolate mousse is very very good ... for about 5 minutes. Then it just get too rich. I should have order coffee to go with it, then it would be perfect.
Artistic Chocolate Mousse

Final words: Overall I think Chianti is a good place to go for casual italian dinner. It is not too expensive, big portion and good/ok service. The decor is very fitting for a casual Italian restaurant (I didn't post picture on inside the place because their were too many people, please go to chianti website at to see more picture).

I would give this place around 7/10 (from my past experience as well)

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